Companies We Partner With

Here are a few of the companies we enjoy using products or services they offer.

Feel free to reach out to us about any of these products or solutions.

Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki is a wonderful product line that leverages the Meraki Cloud for management.  Management of multiple locations, and VPN’s with just a few clicks, advanced analytics, advanced security, and traffic shaping to keep the business critical functions of your network first.

We suggest these products for small to medium business with slim to no IT staff, and multi-location companies.

Meraki provides our Office with WiFi Services.

We are a Cisco Meraki Elevate Partner.

Ubiquiti UniFi

The UniFi line by Ubiquiti is a disruptive product in the IT world.  Offering Switches, Routers, Access Points, and Wireless bridges at a fraction of the price of some of the bigger companies.  While this company is still growing, they have a very solid customer base and solid product line.  Managed by on-site or Cloud controlled software they offer IT staff an easy to see overview of the network operations.

We suggest these for Small to Medium Businesses that have a smaller IT budget.

Ubiquiti provides our office with its Routing and VPN features.

We are a Ubiquiti Reseller


Grandstream offers a wide range of devices for the VoIP Market.

When compared to price, feature set, and approche to what a Business VoIP phone should be Grandstream often wins hands down for Offices of all sizes.

They also have a very solid product line in the SIP Trucking side to replace the POTs lines but keep your current PBX.

Our office runs on Grandstream GXP2160 and GXP2170’s.

We are a Grandstream Reseller

Touch Dyanamic

Touch Dyanamic is a Point of Sale Hardware Manufacture offering a complete set of devices.  Touchscreen computer, printer, cash drawer, mobile POS stations, and Kiosk stations.

Study hardware designed for the harsh treatment this technology often gets in a sales environment. 

We suggest these units to any business that has a Brick and Motor location with the needs for a Point of Sale solution, cash drawer, and credit card reader bundled into one clean device.

We’ve installed these in Bars/Tap Houses from Tulsa, OK to Elk City, OK.

We are a Touch Dyanamic Reseller.



CradlePoint is our go to for Internet connectivity failover backup solutions, and for getting connectivity to a location that doesn’t have service or temporary placement using the cellular network.

CradlePoint offers devices for Commercial failover, mobile (fleet vehicles), M2M (Machine to Machine), and options to replace your businesses router with a CradlePoint router with built in failover. All their devices feature advanced security features and PCI compliance checks.

Running on the major cellular networks (AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon) select models can run on multiple provider’s networks.

We suggest CradlePoint for any Business that runs heavy Credit Card Transactions even an hour without the ability to securely process credit cards can mean hundreds if not thousands of dollars for a business. As well businesses that simply cannot function without internet.

We are a CradlePoint Authorized Partner